Friday, February 24, 2012

Teaching VT Sheep to Eat Bedstraw

Kathy Voth and Kimberly Hagen
News from the field!

Here's farmer and grant participant Kimberly Hagen teaching her sheep to eat smooth bedstraw, a notorious plant in Vermont.  Think your animals won't eat it?  This technique has worked on all different types of ruminant animals, with differently sized herds and with different weeds.  It can work for you.

Call us if you'd like to learn more...we have a project underway right now and are happy to help!

Teaching Sheep to Eat Bedstraw on Osprey Hill Farm (YouTube streaming video).

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Temple Grandin and the VT Grazing & Livestock Conference

Wow, what a ride the last month has been!

First, we'll start by detailing some of the press around the conference.  We've been quite lucky to have printed articles by the Burlington Free Press, the Bradford Journal Opinion, the Valley News, and even the Lancaster (PA) Farming magazine.  Yow!

Upon further investigation, I also found a blog posting about the event from Walpole Valley Farms. Thanks Chris and Caitlin!

Overall as the coordinator of the whole show, I can say that this was an amazing, humbling experience.  Dr. Grandin directly touched the lives of over 800 people in less than 12 hours.  She was incredibly patient and kind.  She signed hundreds of books and appeared in at least 50 pictures.  She took the time to answer individual questions when people came up to her with concerns about their animals OR their family members. She spent TIME to make sure they had answers. Dr. Grandin was giving, to a fault.

At the end of the evening, we settled up her traveling expenses.  We chatted for a few minutes and then she was done, time to sleep...and she walked off to her room without a backward glance.  I had this odd flash of the movie Shane or some other classic film where the kid watches in awe as their hero rides into the sunset.  Instantly, I was eight years old.

Safe travels, Temple.  Thank you for pausing one day with us...


Dr. Temple Grandin and Jenn Colby of the UVM  Center for Sustainable Agriculture at the 16th Annual VT Grazing & Livestock Conference.